Wednesday, March 24, 2010


:: Spring Onion Buns ::
(Sweet buns with spring onion on top)
(Order Code : SOB01)
Price : RM 1.20/pc
Minimum order: 10pcs

:: Kaya Buns ::
(Sweet buns with Kaya filling)
(Order Code : KB01)
Price : RM 0.60/pc
Minimum order: 20pcs

:: Mini Sausages Buns ::
(Sweet buns with mini sausages)
(Order Code : MSB01)
Price : RM 0.70/pc
Minimum order: 20pcs

:: Almond Choc. Donut ::
(Donut coated with choclate and almond)
(Order Code : ACD01)
Price : RM 0.50/pc
Minimum order: 40pcs

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